We integrate people and processes to transform organizations

Strategic management of organizational talent is becoming a key focus area for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Organizations are facing the challenge of attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent, while managing costs and performance levels in a hyper-competitive environment. Organizations look to BMA to address human capital management issues such as competition for talent, expansion, and the dynamics of an aging workforce. At BMA, we understand that every organization has unique requirements, operations, and initiatives when it comes to talent strategies and management. We provide tailored workforce planning solutions so our clients can improve and optimize their people, processes, and overall success.

Every day, tremendous value is lost due to gaps in talent development, retention, evaluation, and recruitment processes. We attract pipelines of candidates across industries building vast, diverse, and inclusive pools covering technical and non-technical functions. BMA project teams work closely with client teams and stakeholders to design and drive recruitment strategies that support diversity and inclusive recruitment, tailored specifically in alignment with clients’ strategic and scalable growth objectives, values, corporate culture, and technology.

Our services include:

  • Organizational Transformation – operating models, organizational assessments, organizational models, organizational development
  • Talent Acquisition – strategic recruitment, compensation strategy, diversity and inclusion, workforce planning, succession planning
  • Talent Development – workforce analytics, workforce development and training, competency modeling, competency gap analysis
  • Talent Retention – performance management, employee and labor relations
  • Human Resources Operational Support – staffing, classification and position management, benefits administration, retirement counseling, payroll support.

Future Work Diagnostic (FWD)

BMA’s Future Work Diagnostic (FWD) is a comprehensive tool to equip organizations with essential data to identify proficiencies, gaps, and opportunities for improvement across your organization. The output from the diagnostic provides the information needed to explore what competencies, gaps, and opportunities exist for process improvement, workforce development, and talent acquisition. It is especially useful for organizations during times of change, transformation, and as we step forward into the future of work. Our team develops models that support your core competencies and documents work processes that help you scale.

Get ready for the Workforce of the Future.